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Head Office ROVINJ

  • Way Point Rovinj/Marine Media doo HR-B-52-130043211
  • T. +385 (0)52 815 670
  • F. +385 (0)52 814 161

Branch Office PULA

  • Šeki: +385 91 181 5673
  • Alen: +385 91 181 5675


(b) One week Rovinj

1st day - 18nm, Rovinj - Veruda Bay, (uvala Soline, drop anchor)
Rovinj: With its fortified double walls and three Town Gates from the early Middle Ages, Rovinj presents an example of urban architecture of the Mediterranean type. The church of St. Euphemia, with the statue of the patron saint of Rovinj standing on its 60m high bell tower, dominates the town. All the Rovinj coast and the surrounding 22 islands and islets are a protected natural heritage. Besides all the beauties of its hidden corners, this green paradise provides everything a modern tourist may wish for.


2nd day - 27nm, Veruda - Susak, (sandy island, small marina, worth seeing cemetery)
The island of Susak is such a place, just now opening up to the European travel imagination. Long lost in relative isolation from the rest of the Croatian population, it has developed its own rich culture, dialect and traditions. About 40 miles southeast of the tip of the Istrian peninsula, Susak is a little larger than the average Croat island, and is one of the relatively few to have supported a native population for hundreds of years. It has the only sand beach in all of the Croatian islands, and its vineyards produce some of the best wine in the region. It is sunny, lush and untouched.



3rd day - 15nm, Susak - Premuda
Premuda: These island is situated west of Dugi Otok, covered with macchia and dense vegetation, with numerous little coves and exquisite beaches washed by crystal-clear sea. The island represent a genuine peaceful oasis and are an ideal refuge for all those who want to escape everyday life, particularly if they have their own or a rented boat. The sunken wreckage of the ship Sveti Istvan in the waters near Premuda is an inviting challenge for experienced divers.



4th day - 17nm, Premuda - Mali Lošinj, (capital town of island Losinj, tourist place)
Mali Lošinj is known by its sea tradition, its special climate that cured the first visitor of the climatic medical centre in 1885. This tourist tradition was started and supported by many honourable men of this archipelago. The bridge which is placed at the entering to Mali Lošinj, above the channel which was ditched through the narrowest part of the island, makes two separated peace's of land that are connected by the movable bridge. It makes possible for smaller boats and yachts to enter the port.



5th day - 30nm, Lošinj - Pomer, (nice long bay with reefs and shoals)
Pomer is located on the western side of the Medulin Bay. It was settled in Roman times, which is confirmed by well-preserved excavations of Roman villas and the remains of a thermal spa. Of the historical monuments, the Church of St. Flora from the Byzantine period stands out. Pomer was once well known for raising and breeding of fish and molluscs, and today there are many seafood restaurants as a result of this.



6th day - 27nm, Pomer - Rovinj, (cruising end)
The end of the cruising.



CAUTION: The itinerary is not substitute for pilot books and marine charts. We refuse to accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by holding on suggested routes.