Financial Security - Yacht Pool

Financial Security - Yacht Pool
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Inventor of the Skipper-Liability-Insurance

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Chartering at good & safe companies!

Watch out for these Logos

Be careful who you give your money to!

Only good companies that submit their balance sheet figures for review annually have them.

Good numbers are a prerequisite for good service - and security.

But companies only receive this label if business conduct and service are right.



Be careful what you sign!

The small print of some charter companies can have "clauses with fatal consequences", writes the YACHT or "toxic clauses" mean BOOTE.

Correct assessment of the small print is (too) tedious.

To protect you from fatal consequences, we developed the “International YACHT-POOL Terms & Conditions”. (free of charge in all charter - relevant languages)

Fair companies got them - smart skippers want them

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