Check out

Check out

Check out

Check out procedure (all bases)

Our suggestion is to be back in our base Friday evening to be prepared to proceed for the checking out Saturday morning.

However the latest DISEMBARKATION TIME is Saturday at 09.00AM

At this time yacht must be ready for check out, all inventory at its place and crew with their luggage disembarked.

(Think of the next person! We ask you kindly to ensure the boats are clean and tidy at hand over. Please dispose of your rubbish in the designated containers in the marina. These measures will facilitate a swift and punctual check in for the following crew. Thank you for your cooperation.)

Check-out: Saturday from 09.00 h

During check out, our staff is checking inventory and equipment (together with charterer / skipper).

If all is found in order, you will have the security deposit or refundable part of security insurance reimbursed. This operation takes approximately 30 min.

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