7 days itinerary route 3

7 days itinerary route 3
Category: Sailing area Pula

Arrival day

After late afternoon arrival in Pula don’t hurry and sail away immediately, slow down and take an evening walk through this interesting city. Situated at the southeast end of the Istrian peninsula, city of Pula has been in existence for more than two thousand years, so it is definitely worth your visit.

Many cultural and historical monuments dominate its panorama and represent a unique setting of various cultural and artistic events. Among all the interesting buildings and monuments highlight is certainly put on impressive and well preserved Roman amphitheater, famous Arena of Pula, which is most often used as an attractive open concert stage.

Pula represents a fine combination of the old and modern city where many famous writers and composers have found inspiration for their masterpieces. There you will find numerous lovely café bars and restaurants, while clubs are located outside the center, in few tourist resorts nearby the city.

What to see and do:

  • Roman amphitheater
  • Triumphal Arch of the Sergi
  • temple of Rome and Augustus
  • the Gate of Hercules and Twin gates
  • Lovely café bars and restaurants in the center

Day 1 Pula – Pomer 17 NM

Second day of your cruising route you can sail to village Pomer, located on the western side of the large Medulin Bay. Distance from Pula is 17 NM, which you can travel in around three hours with a sailing boat. During the cruise drop your anchor in one of the many beautiful bays you are passing by, for example in Veruda, Soline, Portić or Debeljak.

Pomer was settled in Roman times, which is confirmed by well-preserved excavations of Roman villas and the remains of a thermal spa. Of the historical monuments, the Church of St. Flora from the Byzantine period stands out. Pomer was once well-known for raising and breeding of fish and mollusks, and today there are many nice seafood restaurants.

In Pomer you will berth your boat in marina with 280 berths, including corresponding services and everything you need for the boat. Except nice restaurants, there is also a bakery, a hairdresser's and supermarket.

Where to moore boat

  • ACI marina Pomer

What to see and do

  • Many Roman archeological sites
  • Long walks and bike rides in the surrounding forests

Day 2 Pomer – Rabac 24 NM

On the third day of your sailing trip point the bow of your boat towards Rabac, fishing settlement to which you will need about four hours of easy navigation with sailing boat. If you are not in a hurry, explore mystical and less crowded east coast of Istria and its numerous bays. Alternatively, you can sail into nearby deeply in the land recessed Raša bay, pretty quiet and beautiful part of Istria, with few lovely places and fine restaurants.

Rabac is placed in a beautiful bay under the hills where old town of Labin is overlooking the landscape. This tourist centre has a small harbour where you can moore or anchor your boat, and is known for its beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear sea and rich vegetation.

​Long promenade along the coast is suitable for bike riding, jogging or roller blading, while numerous restaurants are offering gastronomic specialties. There are also many sport facilities. Do not miss opportunity to take interesting one-hour walk uphill to the beautiful town of Labin.

Where to moore boat

  • waterfront in the harbour

What to see and do

  • While cruising explore east coast of Istria
  • Discover beautiful pebble beaches in Rabac
  • Take one-hour walk to town of Labin

Day 3 Rabac – Opatija 17 NM

Two and half or three-hours of easy sailing towards north will take you to next destination of this route, town of Opatija. On the way stop for a lunch in one of several picturesque ports, Mošćenička Draga or Lovran. Opatija represents unusual combination of natural beauty, healthy power of the air, sun and sea, and the hospitality of the area.

This beautiful riviera with a tradition of more than 100 years, situated underneath mighty mountain of Učka, will greet you with interesting long paths, rocky coast and sandy beaches. It can also offer you long, romantical walks by the sea and numerous cultural events, and will welcome you in the excellent restaurants and caffe bars.

The traditions that the Austrian archdukes and princecess along with world's famous scientists and artists have created in the past have opened Opatija's doors to the most modern European trends that this city follows even today. Here you will find the enchanting beauty of nature, mild climate, the spirit of noble tradition and varied recreation together with numerous attractions.

Where to moore boat

  • ACI marina Ičići
  • Marina Admiral
  • Port of Opatija

What to see and do

  • While cruising stop for lunch in Mošćenićka Draga or Lovran
  • Take a long walk by the sea or hike to Učka mountain
  • Visit nearby lovely place of Volosko with few great fishing restaurants

Day 4 Opatija – Cres 25 NM

Four hour cruise with sailing boat will take you to town of Cres, situated in the well protected bay in central part of the Cres island, on its west coast. It is the most fertile part of the island which is characterised by its stone, dense coniferous woods and blue sea. Vivid and lovely town of Cres and its hospitable citizens are friendly and will ensure you unforgettable stay.

In Cres bay or its beautiful surroundings try to find your peace, choose your own rock and discover why the island is natural phenomenon. You will also easily find out why it was favourite destination since Roman times. Many bars and restaurants are offering marvellous food.

There are many berths available in the town of Cres where you can moore the boat. Except numerous berths in the lively port, situated in the town centre, you can sail few hundered meters more to south and choose more quiet and well organized ACI Marina Cres. Marina has 473 berths, all with water and power supply, and it is open all year round.

Where to moore boat

  • Port of Cres
  • ACI Marina Cres
  • Anchor in the well protected bay

What to see and do

  • Enjoy unique beauty of landscape, nature and sea
  • Relax and find your peace
  • Have fun and nice time in vivid town centre
  • Discover narrow strees and town surroundings

Day 5 Cres – Mali Lošinj 33 NM

Slightly longer navigation of about five hours with sailing boat is planned for sixth day, but when you arrive in Mali Lošinj, you surely won’t regret effort you made. During the cruise enjoy steep coast of Cres and Lošinj islands and stop for swimming in one of the many attractive bays and coves. It will be hard to choose one simply because there are too many of them!

City of Mali Lošinj is the largest town over all Croatian islands. Situated in the vast Augusta bay, it is the famous as a sport and fishing centre of the Adriatic. Dense coniferous woods and many trekking roads make it an attractive recreational destination, while mild climate is suitable for health tourism.

Curiosity of Mali Lošinj are law-protected dolphins which inhabit its archipelago in large number and contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere. There are many coves and anchorages in the vicinity to explore. Berth the boat in one of two marinas or in the city port, and enjoy some of many possibilities that Lošinj offers to its guests.

Where to moore boat

  • Port of Mali Lošinj
  • Marina Lošinj
  • Anchor in one of the well protected bays

What to see and do

  • Enjoy numerous natural beauties in Lošinj archipelago
  • While cruising watch the sea surface carefully, there is great possibility to meet the dolphins
  • Take half-an-hour easy walk to the nearby picturesque town of Veli Lošinj
  • Explore rich history of Mali Lošinj town

Day 6 Mali Lošinj – Pula 40 NM

The last day of this one-week sailing route is reserved for the longest cruise of the week, return trip to Pula. Its distance of about 40 NM you could reach in about six to seven hours with sailing boat, which is pretty demanding but not impossible. Be prepared for such a long period on the sea.

It is mostly open sea navigation so there are almost no possibilities to stop in a bay and take a rest. Try to reach Pula during the daylight, due to tricky harbour approach in bad weather conditions or in the night. When you safely return the boat to its homeport berth, take another walk through Pula centre, you will certainly find something you did not notice seven days before.

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