Venice itinerary

Venice itinerary
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DAY 1: Pula - Umag 40 NM

Umag is a small town and port on the north-western coast of Istria. Its beneficial features were already recognized by the Romans who turned it into their summer residence. The splendour andmagnificence of those times is reflected today in the many Venetian houses in the old part of Umag.Umag is a favourite holiday destination with extraordinary excursion possibilities, at a distance of only 40 kilometres from Trieste and 50 nautical miles from Venice.

DAY 2: Umag – Venice: 48NM

Venezia is surrounded by series of first class mooring facilities offering the possibility to visit one of the world's wonders without having to bypass the island surrounding it, some like Burano, Murano and Torcello alive with a flourishing tourist activity, others totally abandoned but not less attracting like San Servolo, Santo Spirito housing the Agostinian Friars Order, San Clemente with its old quarantine station or, finally Poveglia whose monuments patrimony has been reduced to the spire bell tower of San Vitale.

Approaching Venice in your own boat can be an unforgettable experience. This city is not your usual seaside resort for a boating vacation. Recreational boats can dock at dockyards operated by local sailing organizations or private companies.

In Venice (historic centre, islands, and Lido):

  • Isola Certosa, marina “Vento di Venezia”
  • Diporto Velico Veneziano
  • Compagnia della Vela
  • Riva dei Sette martiri e riva San Biagio
  • Darsena Marina Alberoni
  • Darsena VenMar

Regulations for water circulation: You cannot circulate freely in the canals in Venice due to the restrictions imposed by their inherent structure (some of the smaller canals are quite narrow) and by city regulations.
The only recreational boats that can navigate in the inner canals are those owned by residents in the Venice historic centre or lagoon islands or holders of special licenses for water space in the historic centre or the Giudecca and in craft whose tonnage does not exceed 5 tons.
On the other hand, tourists may travel at will from the St. Mark's Basin towards the Lido and the lagoon, while always observing the Practical Regulations.

DAY 3 AND 4: Venezia

DAY 5: Venice - Novigrad 48NM

On the western coast of Istria, two kilometers north of the mouth of the river Mirna and some 25 km south of the border with Slovenian a small peninsulas set Novigrad. It’s a small town with narrow, winding streets and small shops has retained its medieval structure and layout. There are examples of secular architecture from the time of the Venetian empire, such as the town loggia and several houses built in Venetian Gothic style.

DAY 6 Novigrad – Pula 32NM

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