Sailing with friends

Sailing with friends
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Experience sailing with friends

Book a yacht, choose a destination, and take your friends to journey - show them all the benefits of sailing with Waypoint Yacht Charter!

We'll make sure that you and your friends get the boat that suit you most as well as advices about routes and destinations you prefer, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday without any worries.

Good to know

Chartering a yacht with your friends? Here’s the list of important things you should know:

  • The yacht skipper must have necessary license for the yacht navigation at the open sea (boat leaders licence of compentency and radio–telephone licence of compentency) which have to be presented to the charter office. The valid nautical licence for the motor yachts is also valid to conduct the sailing yacht if this is written on the licence.
  • If you don’t have valid skipper licence or you don't feel comfortable enough in your skills yet, we suggest you to book a skipper. Waypoint Yacht Charter will recommend and hire a skipper for you, if you need one.
  • Yachts are fully equipped with safety, electronic, comfort and navigational equipment (GPS, autopilot, dinghy, all navigational equipment, pillows, blankets, fully equipped kitchen, life jackets and harnesses..) Other equipment, such as TV/DVD player, microwave, grill etc. are available on some yachts, so if you wish some of extra equipment contact us to check the availability for certain yacht.
  • Yacht charter requires some additional charges like: final cleaning, fuel charges, marina fees, transfers, skipper fee, tourist tax, sometimes outboard engine and spinnaker etc (depending on what you want). Don’t forget the security deposit!
  • Vacation on yacht – what to bring along? All you need to bring is your own clothing, and medicine supplies.We recommend warmer and waterproof clothing . While sailing, it's good to wear non slipping shoes such as boat shoes, running sneakers etc.
  • Yachts and crew on board are fully insured against all accidents.

Why Waypoint Yacht Charter?

Waypoint Yacht Charter is providing you a perfect sailing experience. We are offering you a wide variety of yachts which are chosen to completely satisfy Waypoint quality standard, such as: quality of choice (all kinds and brands of yachts from the north to the south Adriatic coast ), quality of contracting, check-in and check-out of guests (legal and financial security), quality of vessel maintenance, equipment and preparation and quality of the relation between the price and the actual offer (value for money).

We keep  selection and online booking process simple – choose desired destination, choose between sailing yachts, motor yachts or catamarans, find the model of yacht, check the age and price of desired boat, and book immediately!

To be sure that you made a right choice, you can check all our yachts on Euminia system rating (independent system of rating yachts and satisfaction of charter guests, more on

Be our guests and enjoy all the benefits of Waypoint yacht charter!

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