All about charter

All about charter
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By sailing on a boat you can visit spots that could never be reached by land, enjoy and see things that are reachless to other tourists, or eat in a restaurant you have never imagined that could exist. Charter represents unique experience that simply should not be missed.

How to book a yacht

On a Waypoint website you are just a few clicks away from booking your dream holiday boat. Simply select desired area of navigation or marina of embarkation, type and size of a boat, number of persons and vacation period, and you will get the best quotation.

You should have in mind that as a rule charter boats are taken over and returned on Saturdays. Exceptions could be made depending on the boat availability, but additional cost could be charged. When you choose the boat and accept the price, you will have to settle down payment. It can be made using credit cards, which is most convenient and safest method.

What is included

Quotation for the boat charter includes bareboat charter with all the necessary equipment, navigational permits and all the fittings according to standard boat specification, which can slightly vary depending on charter company. It also includes free berth in charter-base marina and tender boat. It does not include provisions, fuel, costs of other berths or buoys, skipper costs and some other extras.

Options and extras

Some services and equipment are not included in basic price of boat charter. We offer you several options and extras which you can order at the time of booking or any time later, but at least one day prior to boarding. For example, you can order gennaker or spinnaker, outboard engine for tender boat, additional towels, wi-fi Internet unit, railing net for the children, etc. NO PETS are allowed on board our boats. If you need skipper please inform us at least one week before boarding.

If you have some extra needs, requirements or wishes, which are not offered during booking process, please let us know. We would willingly do our best to meet all of them, if they are within reasonable limits. To leave any kind of message you can use the text box during booking process or just send e-mail message and you will get the answer as soon as possible.

My guarantees

In order to protect clients from losing the payment of their charter holiday, due to agency or charter company itself went broke, all the Waypoint companies have the privilege to offer the so-called Guarantee Voucher, an insurance document issued by Yacht-Pool which is a real money saver. This simple but innovative document can save your payment for the holiday if, by any case, you find out that there is no boat waiting for you because either the charter agency or the charter company went broke (or had some other financial problems) and are not able to deliver service you paid for. With the Yacht-Pool Guarantee Voucher, which all Waypoint charter companies and agencies offer on regular basis, your payment is reimbursed in no time.

All charter clients, when renting a boat flying the Waypoint flag, whether they close the deal with a charter agency or directly with the charter company, will sign the so-called Fair Charter Contract, a document written in their mother tongue, whose articles and general conditions are valid for all parties involved, thus leaving no legal or other kind of uncertainty.

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