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Questions and answers

1. How can I check if my boating license issued in my country is valid in the country of charter destination?

If you are not sure that you can rent a boat with your boating license, please send us e-mail with exact name of the license you posses and we shall check it for you.

2. If I come with my car, where can I leave it during cruise and will it be safe?

Each marina usually has it's own enclosed parking lot which is extra charged.

3. Is it allowed to change the crew during the cruise?

You can change the crew on board but in that case charter company needs to register new persons and issue another crewlist for your boat which precisely defines who is sailing on a certain charter boat. This information is usually centralized at the state level so civil services are able to control it in every moment. You might pay high fine if, by any case, a maritime police boat stops you on the sea and discovers unregistered persons.

4. Is there a possibility of early check-in or late check-out?

Check-in is usually being done on Saturdays' afternoon around 17 hrs, while check-out time is around 9 hrs in the morning. There is a possibility of early check-in or late check-out only in case your boat is not occupied by another guests the week before or after your cruise.

5. When do I have to hire a proffesional skipper for my cruise?

You don't have to hire a skipper if you posses a valid boating license accepted in the country of your charter holiday. You must hire a proffesional skipper in case you don't posses this license or if you are not confident in your maritime competence, skills or have little experience.

6. Should we provide food and berth for skipper on board if we hired him?

Yes, it is common that you ensure food and berth for the skipper you hired. Some of the larger boats have special skipper-intended cabins, while in the smaller boats try to ensure him his own cabin or at least berth in saloon.

7. Is there a possibility of one-way charter?

Some of the charter companies offer one-way cruises but this kind of charter is usually not in the standardized offer. You may ask the charter company to organize it for you, but count on special additional charges for the skipper which will have to return the boat to his charter-base marina.

8. Is there a possibility to organize a transfer car or van from/to airport if we arrive by airplane?

Of course there is a possibility to organize transfer car or van, just be sure to inform us on time about all the relevant information about your flight and number of persons travelling. It means that at least several days prior to embarkation we should know all the details.

9. On the coast and islands may I pay the services, bars, restaurants, shops, etc. with credit card or should I have cash?

Every year there are more and more places along the coast and islands that are accepting credit cards, but there are still a number of spots that will accept only cash money. Hence ensure to always have sufficient amount of money with you, in order to avoid embarrassing situations.

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