Find a yacht for corporate sailing

Find a yacht for corporate sailing
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Choose a right yacht for you

There's a wide variety of yachts you can choose for your event – from sailing yachts, to motor yachts and catamarans. Depends on your preferences and event organization you can easily choose between yacht types and models – if you want a sport oriented event, choose sailing yachts or catamaran regatta, and if you're more in a leisure mood choose relaxing and comfortable motor yacht for teambuilding.

Sailing yacht

Organize an ultimate sailing yachts regatta event, which will increase and strenghten your company interpersonal relations and raise team spirit!

Everbody will enjoy in sea, sun and sailing, and will also get a chance to show their competitive spirit, as well as get to know their colleagues and co workers even better.

Motor yacht

Choose a motor yacht for your event if you want to spend your time relaxing and enjoying in comfort, while also visiting numerous destinations in short time, exploring coast and islands, and tasting local gastronomy offer.

Motor yachts are easier to maneuver than sailing yachts, so are better for those who still don’t feel enough confident in their sailing skills.

Catamaran yacht

Catamarans are offering a lot of benefits  -  large cockpit and saloon, ideal for hanging out and parties, as well as shallow draft, which will provide you an opportunity to reach the hidden coves and best swimming and snorkeling places.

They are also very fast, and easy to maneuver, so you can feel completely safe and secure while enjoying in sailing!

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