New to sailing?

New to sailing?
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Just contact and tell us all your wishes and requirements, and we will do our best to ensure a perfect boat and skipper for you and your company. We will try to organize all the necessary details according to your requests, in order that you experience unforgettable holidays on the sea.

Why sailing with Waypoint charter?

The Waypoint Charter is offering its services on the basis of a unique standard of quality and the pertaining brand. Waypoint Charter Standard is a quality standard of the service provided to the clients and that of the maintenance of the boat in charter.

Waypoint Charteris offering a  perfect cruise with no unpredicted situations or happenings. We are also offering a number of additional services and different kinds of specialized charter insurance to make your vacations completely safe and even more enjoyable.

Pick a yacht and base

Check our extensive offer of sailing and motor boats and choose the one that best suits your needs having in mind size of the boat, number of cabins, berths and toilettes. We suggest you to decide first where would you like to start cruise from, because not all the boats are available from two different locations. Hence pick a desired departing marina where chosen boat will be waiting for you.

Sailing options

There are various sailing options you may opt for before cruising starts. According to your and preferences of your crew sailing route should at least be basically planned and defined. Have in mind not to plan too long daily distances, it could be exhausting for the crew.

If you would like just to relax, sunbathe and enjoy beautiful and untouched nature, choose quiet coves and calm anchorages. For fun and party there are various places on the coast and islands where nice clubs and great parties can be found. If you fancy rich culture and historical heritage you won't be disappointed too, numerous ancient towns and other spots offering abundant treasure are waiting for you.

To enjoy pure sailing pleasure choose more sporty and faster boat and sail away to the furthest islands. Interesting gastronomy cruises may be planned too because large number of fine restaurants, taverns and other culinary temples, often with their own piers or buoys, are scattered all over the coast.

There is a lot more to discover once when you embark on the boat and sail towards new destinations. Anyway, good time for you and your crew on board is assured

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